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Mr. Demus, MRDA Executive Director Visit to Washington, DC

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Brian Badi Demus, Executive Director of Mundri Relief and Development association

(MRDA), Deputy leader of United South Sudan Party (USSP) and member of South

Sudan Constitutional review commission, visited Washington, DC from May 16th to June 1, 2014. Mr. Demus was invited by Voices for Sudan, a U.S based advocacy

Organization, under their educational and public engagement program to offer  a perspectives about the current state of affairs in the South Sudan, the peace negotiations in Addis-Ababa, and effort to create a climate for democratization moving forward.

Mr. Demus met with Congressman Jim McGovern, State department and USAID officials to discuss the humanitarian situation and need for more U.S and international diplomatic engagement to bring an end to the violence. Mr. Demus stressed the need for humanitarian with losing focus on developmental programs.

While the need for humanitarian relief is urgent, the international community should not abandon funding the developmental projects. The MRDA Executive Director also discussed the humanitarian conditions with John Tanza on VOA “South Sudan in Focus program” covering rapidly changing developments in the new nation of South Sudan and the region. (see the link http:// www.voanews.com/audio/Audio/412582.html)

Mr. Demus attended a round table discussion at Voices for Sudan office and participated in an event honoring women in our lives organized by the Diaspora community in Washington, DC metropolitan area, where he shared a few remarks about the occasions and conveyed greetings of people from South Sudan.Demus at the Round table discussion at Voices for Sudan Office. During the brief stay, Mr. Demus traveled to New York where he met with Dr. David Bassiouni, managing director of the Bassiouni Group and board member of MRDA.

Mr Demus attended a luncheon organized by Sudan Sunrise with ABCs George Stephanopoulos and visited the South Sudan UN mission in New York.

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