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Miriam Ibrahim free in Rome: VFS Thanks Senator Ted Cruz’s Leadership

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For Immediate Release 07/24/2014
Contact: Matt Kastler—mattkastler@voicesforsudan.org
Miriam Ibrahim free in Rome: VFS Thanks Senator Ted Cruz’s Leadership
Washington, DC July 24, 2014. Voices for Sudan (VFS), U.S based advocacy group thanks Senator Ted Cruz for his role in securing the freedom of Miriam Ibrahim; a Sudanese Christian women who was sentenced to death for alleged conversion from Islam to Christianity. Miriam Ibrahim and her family have arrived in Rome this morning.
“We are pleased to hear that Miriam has been released and is safe. Such a collective effort gives more meaning to our organization and the essence of our existence,” says Jimmy Mulla, President & Co-founder of Voices for Sudan.
A Sudanese court sentenced Ms. Ibrahim to death in May on alleged charges of conversion from Islam to Christianity. The Sudanese government further prevented her from immediate travel to the United States with her American-South Sudanese husband and two children, accusing her of trying to leave the country with falsified papers.
Sudan Activist Andrew Ieva of the Freedom for Sudan Committee says, “Senator Cruz’s leadership, especially his speech at the Save Miriam Rally at the White House   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Fcff6C1sQ) by The Institute on Religion and Democracy may have struck a raw nerve with  the Khartoum regime which tries to prevent scrutiny from Washington.”
The case of Miriam is just one example of many cases of religious persecution in Sudan. Persecution of Christians in Sudan has been a major factor in the protracted North-South conflict. Since South Sudan seceded the Christian communities left behind in Sudan continue to face increased harassment from the Sudanese government. There are certainly many unreported cases of Christians detained by the National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) and non-Sudanese Christians who have been deported or refused entry into the country.
The Sudanese government reaffirmed the order not to issue permits for the construction of new churches in Sudan on July 12, 2014. The Sudanese minister for Guidance and Religious Endowments claims that since the succession of South Sudan the remaining churches are sufficient to cater for Sudan’s Christian population.
Furthermore the Khartoum regime has recently constituted a more efficient Janjaweed militia called the Rapid Support Force (RSF), which has launched attacks in Darfur, Blue Nile, and the Nuba Mountains.

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