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Voices for Sudan Condemns the Arrest & Planned Deportation of El Doud

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September 7th 2015, Washington DC. Voices for Sudan strongly condemns the arrest and planned
deportation of El Doud as a disrespect for, and violation of his fundamental human rights. On 23rd July 2015, a
Sudanese journalist Alwaleed El Doud was arrested at his home in Saudi Arabia by Saudi security forces, and later
transferred to Ma’aloumat Prison in Dammam, the seat of the judicial and administrative bodies of the Eastern
Province of Saudi Arabia. This transfer was confirmed by Journalists for Human Rights (“JHR”), an international
organization that reports on human rights violations.
Jimmy Mulla, President & Co-founder of Voices for Sudan, says VFS is deeply concerned about the hardship that El
Doud is likely to be subjected to if deported to Sudan (as desired of the Sudanese security agencies). Mr. Mulla
states that VFS has taken steps to create public awareness of this issue, and has reached out to the U. S.
Department of State, Human Rights Watch & international human rights organizations with the hope that immediate
action will be taken to free Alwaleed El Doud.
It is believed that the Saudi government plans to deport El Doud to Sudan because of the recent improvement in
diplomatic relations between the two countries. This creates great anxiety among El Doud’s family, friends, and
public interest groups because a deportation exposes him to the risk of arrest and abuse by the Sudanese
government. Prior to his arrest, Alwaleed had received many threats of torture and death from Sudan’s National
Intelligence and Security Service (NISS). In a press statement, the JHR asserted that based on its confirmed reports,
El Doud is the target of the NISS and is to be arrested for administering the website www.alrakoba.net. Hanadi
Elhadi, VFS communications & outreach coordinator spoke with the wife of the Alwaleed El Doud who confirmed that
there seems to be no movement as to the fate of her husband. VFS is in contact with family members, relatives and
friends of the journalist.
While El Doud continues to be held behind bars, he is yet to be charged with any offense. The crime committed? Not
stated. His laptop computer and international passport were also said to have been confiscated. El Doud has lived
in Saudi Arabia for over 10 years and he confirmed that his immigration status is not in question.
Alrakoba, an independent news website administered by Alwaleed Ed Doud, was created as a dialogue forum in
2005. The forum transformed into a news website in 2006 the site exposed various cases of human rights abuses,
corruption and bad governance of the government of Sudan. Daring to expose and condemn the ills of the
government of Sudan seems to be the “wrong” which has been committed by El Doud.
Voices for Sudan further uses this medium to request private individuals, businesses, civil society organizations, and
national governments to condemn this continued abuse of state power and gain freedom for Alwaleed El Doud.

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